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We provide the best nicotinebase for the best e-liquid
  • E Liquid Nicotine Base
    Heno Nicotine Base High Concentration Nicotine bases with high nicotine content Nicbase high concentration is the series devoted to further dillution with glycol and/or glycerine in order to receive nicotine bases of expected strengths . 1. Made of premium quality nicotine ( Heno’s PureNic 99+) 2. Usage of pharmaceutical grade propylene glycol (PG) or pharmaceutical grade vegetable glycerine (VG) 3.  Ingredients in conformity with requirements of USP/EP current edition Technical  Parameters Content of nicotine: 50-100mg/ml Ingredients: pure nicotine 99.9% USP/EP CAS NO.: 54-11-5   Pure pharmaceutical propylene glycol(PG) Pure pharmmaceutical vegetable glycerine(VG) CAS NO.56-81-5 Protection against oxidation: Manufactured and closed under nitrogen environment Shelf life: Unopend 2 years Available strengths: 100% pure propylene glycol PG -72.100mg/ml (nicotine content ) 100% pure vegetable glycerine VG-72.100mg/ml 50% propylene glyco PG/ 50% vegetable glycerine VG-72,100mg/ml Any Strength and PG/VG Ratio Available on Customer’s Request. Packing: 1.0L UN Certified HDPE bottle. Safety closure Induction sealing (aluminum foil) on the container’s neck Product details and safety warning on the labels OR code leading to safety data sheet (MSDS ) on every bottle Fulfills ADR shipment requirements Other sizes on request
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