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Is nicotine harmful?


"Nicotine is in tobacco, tobacco is not good for me, so nicotine is not good for me." This should be everyone's idea. Nicotine is the most important substance in cigarettes, but this does not mean that the harm in cigarettes comes from nicotine. The sentence is very good: "drinking nicotine but dying of tar."

Does nicotine induce cardiovascular disease? Lung health has done research: they conducted a study of hospitalized patients who used nicotine gum. The results showed that there was no connection between nicotine chewing gum use and cardiovascular problems, and most of the side effects reported in the study were mild. Other studies have shown similar results. A meta-analysis published in 2014 examined 21 different nicotine replacement therapy trials and found no clear evidence of heart and blood vessel risk. The snus user's research has similar results.

Despite this, there are still many uncertainties in this result. Overall, what is certain is that if nicotine does affect your heart problem, then the risk will be smaller than the way smoke is consumed, which is good news for e-cigarette users.
Another of the biggest misconceptions about nicotine is that it causes cancer, and the answer is that nicotine does not cause cancer at all. There is evidence that nicotine can promote tumor growth, but it does not actually cause cancer. Researchers in the lung health study studied the population of smoking and nicotine patches and chewing gum for five years, by seven and a half years of follow-up, and concluded that although smoking is associated with cancer, the use of nicotine replacement therapy and cancer no connection.
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