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New technologies for nicotine salt are coming in 2020, and the future market will be more exciting!

August 17,2020.

New technologies for nicotine salt are coming in 2020, and the future market will be more exciting!

From 2019 to 2020, the e-cigarette industry seems to have experienced a roller coaster. From the high mountain that has attracted widespread capital attention to the trough that has been suppressed by regulation, too many things have happened in less than two years. And how to get through this tormented trough and bring industry updates with technology deserves the high attention of all practitioners.

2019 can be a year of rapid development of China's e-cigarettes, and new financing information can be heard at intervals . In January 2019, Moti received a pre-A round investment of 10 million US dollars from True Fund; in March, relx received a total of 30 million US dollars of Series A financing from Sequoia Capital China and Triniti Capital; in May, Flow received matrix partners China, Yisan venture Capital and other $10.89 million Pre-A round investments; in June, SNOWPLUS received a $40 million Series A financing; in July, Luo Yonghao’s vvild received a first round of financing of about 30 million yuan; in October, KMOSE  Electronic Cigarette received RMB 30 million in round A financing from YanShi Capital. According to statistics, in 2019, more than 35 e-cigarettes in China were financed, with a total financing amount of more than 1 billion yuan. The entire industry is developing rapidly in a radical manner. Until the end of the year, an online ban was issued to allow the entire The industry cooled down in an instant, and was even referred to by the industry as entering the winter.

In 2020, under the influence of the Novel coronavirus pneumonia, the e-cigarette industry, which was already in the cold winter, quietly began the second round of reshuffle. Some hot brands last year even exposed the news of dumping and layoffs, like snowplus was exposed to layoffs of 50%, and Flow was accused of laying off more than 70%. In such a large environment, enterprises still alive need to think about how to eliminate the impact of the lack of e-commerce channels, how to increase penetration into market channels, and how to create more competitive products.

The experience from the big smoke era to the rise of the small smoke tells us that detoxification has always been one of the core competitiveness of e-cigarette products, and the foundation of the detoxification effect is derived from nicotine salt technology, which not only affects the electronic Tobacco products even affect the entire industry. From the beginning of Juul's own nicotine salt benzoate technology, e-cigarettes have really come into the public eye and become a fast-moving consumer product, nicotine salt technology has attracted more and more attention in the industry. Nicotine salt can not only effectively improve the transmission efficiency of nicotine, so that it can achieve the internal needs of smokers with a small amount of smoke oil, but also because of its stable structural properties, it can last longer during storage without nicotine degradation, thereby extending The preservation time of e-liquid makes e-cigarette devices do not have to rely on high-power devices to satisfy the taste, and small smoke devices have officially appeared, thus opening a new period of industry development.

Returning to the industry development in 2020, more and more companies began to explore new breakthroughs in nicotine salt technology. The “sea salt nicotine” of Bode in March and the “nicotine X” of Xiwu in April are all new explorations of nicotine salt technology. Although it is unclear how the user’s feedback will be after the new technology faces the market, it is undoubtedly a Positive signal, I believe that in the next time, more and more companies will invest in the research and development of nicotine salt technology.

A competitive e-cigarette product requires not only the atomizer design, the cartridge design, and the design, but also the optimization of the e-cigarette formulation, which only makes the taste smoother. Detoxification is faster, so that users can trust your products more. At present, although nicotine salt technology is much more advanced than the traditional free base nicotine, for smokers, there are still some deviations from the taste of cigarettes, and nicotine salt technology still has significant research and development and breakthrough space. Which company can prioritize technological breakthroughs in this core area will form technical barriers for leading competitors, thereby achieving its own rapid development.

In general, nicotine salt technology is the cornerstone of the development of the electronic cigarette industry. Its technological breakthrough will bring new development to the entire electronic cigarette industry, and hardware equipment such as cigarette oil, atomization, batteries will also be further upgraded. For enterprises, in such a year suitable for polishing internal strength in 2020, only by continuously improving the accumulation of technology and obtaining sufficient technical reserves can we take the lead in the increasingly fierce market competition in the future.

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